82nd Airborne Monument (Kelso Horne)

Just to the north of La Hate du Puits is a monument to the last battle that the 82nd took part in during their enforced stay in Normandy. They had been told before they left for Normandy that they would be in Normandy for only a few days.

In early July they were still here and in the front line.

Just behind the monument to Kelso Horne is Hill 95 which took the 82nd three days to capture, 4th 5th & 6th July.

After the battle they were at last pulled out of Normandy and returned to England to absorb reinforcements.

The taking of this hill and those around it was vital if the Americans were to dislodge the Germans who with the high ground controlled all of the roads in the area.

For one member of the 82nd it must have been an important time of his life, having been injured during the battle,

The last wish of Lt. Kelso C. Horne, was to buried at this spot, and after his death in 2000, his ashes were placed below the monument. There are always flowers placed on the monument by local people.

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