Angoville Au Plain

This village was at the heart of the Parachute drops by the 101st Screaming Eagles in the early hours of D-day.

The German were in the village and using the church tower as an observation point.

At day break fierce fighting broke out between the Americans and the Germans.

The mission for the fifty or so the Americans was to destroy bridges over the River Douvreís and the main Paris to Cherbourg road.

During the afternoon the Germanís attacked the beleaguered Paratroopers in the village and 326th American Engineers had to withdraw from the village leaving many injured in the church. These Americans were tended by two medics Robert Wright and Kenneth Moore, who tended the Americans and German soldiers with the same care. They were aided by Lt Allworth who was not part of the medical team and when the Germans took the village he was obliged to retreat as his presence would have compromised the first aid post.

For three days the medicís treated both groups with the proviso that all weapons were to be left outside the church. In those three days seventy five combatants were treated, plus a small child from the village who had been caught in the battle. At one point German soldiers entered the church but quickly left when they saw that both groups were being treated. At one point the Germans who had been in the tower surrendered, the two medicís not even being aware of their presence. Today the church has been restored and several of the windows had been replaced by stained glass in memory of those days when the church was a haven of quiet in a battle zone.


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