Patton Memorial at Avranches

It was along this road on the July 28th that the tanks of General Patton's Third Army started out from Coutances.
Ahead of them on the road to Avranches were three German divisions retreating. They were spotted by the American pilots and were attacked by rocket firing Typhoons.
The Germans came mainly from the SS Divisions, the 2nd Das Reich and the 17th, Goetz Von Berlinchingen. The Germans suffered heavy losses in both men and machinery.
At the village of Gavray members of the 2nd Panzer managed to hold up the advance for a few hours and blew the bridge crossing of the Sienne (Not the same river that passes through Paris).
Patton's orders had been to push to Avranches with all haste and not to protect his flanks, the speed with which the American Fourth Armoured Division reached Avranches after a round the clock assault exceeded the expectations of Bradley.
After the liberation of Avranches Patton's army swung into Brittany to the West, and towards the Loire to the east. There was one final battle to come, the Germans final stand at Mortain to the east. In 2004 the monument was added to by the placing of a bronze bust of the great man. Many of the businesses around the monument have been named after Patton, but he would not be amused by the Patton Hotel that has only two stars!!

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