Brecourt Manoir

                  View from Le Grange Chemin and Brecourt Manoir 

Dick Winters, early on the morning of D-day was ordered to attack a gun emplacement believed to be a single 88 mm near Brecourt Manoir.

The site was actually a set of four 105 mm captured French Schnieder first would war guns.

They were housed in the open, linled with trenches and supported by machine guns.

He assembled a small force of twelve men and scouted the area.

He quickly realised that there were four cannons, plus machine guns linked by a trench system.

There were no concrete fortifications just earth works.

Winters attacked the batterie across the fields from Le Grande Chemin (the red road at the top right hand of map)

The 101st set up two 30 caliber machine guns to provide covering fire.

They attacked gun No 1 and the MG42 machine gun to the rear. Working their way down the earth trench system they then took gun No 2 and near here they found maps showing the position of every German gun position on the peninsular.

The two remaining German machine gun positions were then silenced, before the group now with their numbers increased by the arrival of Lt. Ronald Spiers and five more men from the 101st.

They led the attack on the final gun.

Once secured the four guns were "damaged" beyond repair on the orders of Dick Winters.

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