Here at Brix are two of the newer monuments in Normandy. The first to a pilot of the 513th Bomber Squadron based in southern England. During the American push to Cherbourg they were flying a recce over the Lessay area, dropping bombs to soften up the Germans.  Whilst flying over Brix they came under heavy German anti aircraft fire. One of the planes a P47 Thunderbolt piloted by Cary Lewis Gray was hit and crashed near this spot.  Cary Lewis was seen to escape from the plane and parachute to safety by a farmer milking his cows. The pilot was captured by the Germans and was shot, against the rules for to the conduct of war. Lieutenant Gray is buried in the American Cemetery at St. Laurent. The engine of his aircraft with part of the propeller was found recently and it is preserved at this monument. As you can see from the monument several of his family also served in the war with distinction. The second monument erected in 2003 is to the crew of a B17 who's mission was the V1 sites to the north east of here, when the aircraft received a hit it broke up in the air, scattering debris over a large area. Only one of the crew, the top gunner escaped.

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