D-day 2004 

This year the 60th Anniversary the ceremonies have been spread out over nearly three months. The weekend of 5th-6th June was of course the main event. I have tried to focus my pictures on the people who made the weekend special.

Late in the evening of June 5th their was a firework display along the length of the landing beaches, over sixty miles.

The main focus of attention on Saturday was the parachute drop by members of the American and French Airborne Regiments.

It is thought that nearly 10,000 vehicles of the period owned by private collectors have been brought to Normandy. Camps have been set up all along the coast to give an idea of those days sixty years ago. Thousands of people dressed in replica uniforms make it difficult for many to tell the difference between serving soldiers and re enactment groups. A C47 in R.A.F. colours flew along the beaches on Saturday.

Two of the Sweetest ladies I met at Colleville.

Because of the need for passes and traffic restrictions we concentrated on the American sector on D-day. The ceremony at Omaha was attended by Chirac and Bush. Both made particularly good speeches. The next ceremony we were able to attend was at the German cemetery at La Cambe. A member of the 6th Division Parachute Regiment was buried here today, with full military honours after lying where he fell nearly sixty years ago on the hillside of Montre Castre. Fifteen of his comrades were able to get to Normandy and be present.           At Utah we had a much better view of the ceremony, and Veterans were the guest of honour, not the great and the good.

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