Dieppe Canadian Cemetery (Hautot sur Mer)

On the outskirts of the town is the Canadian cemetery, a monument to those who died on 18th - 19th August 1942.
Of the 913 Canadians who died on French soil, most are buried here.
The Dieppe raid was the first large scale attack on the mainland of Europe sine the British retreat from Dunkirk.
The objectives were to destroy the port defences, and two radar stations on the hills either side of the natural harbour.
The German divisional headquarters and a nearby airfield were also targeted.
Lack of Allied intelligence meant that tanks were landed on a shingle beach and that many of the positions were not know to the landing forces.
All three branches of the services suffered heavy causalities.
The only group to achieve their assigned tasks were the British Commandoes led by Lord Lovat who late landed on Sword beach on D-day and relieved Maj., Howard at Pegasus Bridge.
Later in 1944 the Canadians took the town and along the sea front many monuments have been erected to commemorate that day in 1942.

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