Special Armoured Vehicles cont.2

Flail Tank        Crocodile    DD Tank            Firefly

Sherman Crab, carried chains on a rotating drum to clear the beach of mines.

Churchill Crocodile, was equipped with a flame thrower, the fuel being carried in an armoured trailer this tank could throw a flame over 150 meters and proved very effective against pill boxes and bunkers.

Duplex Drive Tanks were used by both British and American forces.
These tanks had propellers at the rear and a large skirt that enabled them to be launched at sea and swim to the beach.
Being built on standard tank chassis these vehicles could be used as a source of spares once their task was finished.

The Firefly
A standard Sherman fitted with the tried and tested British 17lb gun.
This modified tank only accounted for 15% of the British, French and Canadian armour at D-day.
The Firefly was the only Allied tank capable of duelling with a German Tiger with any chance of success.

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