Gatteville Lighthouse

The lighthouse at Gatteville stands on the most north easterly point of the Cotentin Peninsula. It is one of the tallest in all of France with a height of 71 meters (233 ft). Its light can be seen for 56 Kms (35 miles) and is an important first contact for ships wishing to enter the port of LíHavre. There have been many shipwrecks in the area, most notably that the "White Ship" in 1120. The ship which had sailed from Barfleur was carrying the heir of King Henry I. He was William Atheling and he perished together with King Henrys daughter and over 300 members of the royal court. During the German occupation the lighthouse was used as an observation platform. When the area was being liberated by the advancing Americans the German offices in change of the area was instructed to destroy the lighthouse before it could be taken. He refused stating that it was not a military target and that it would be important to shipping after the war. The lighthouse is open to the public who can climb to the top and get a truly panoramic view across the Saire Valley.

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