Gold Time Line

Mulberry Harbour at Arromanches

07:25 First units of 231st and 69th Brigades arrive on the beach, many of them before the DD tanks and beach clearance teams who are delayed by the weather.

07:45 Slow progress against raking fire, but three beach exits cleared within the hour.

08:20 Second wave Battalions and No 47 Commandos landed.

09:30 Les Roquettes liberated.

09:50 Stiff resistance at Le Hamel, Commandos head towards Port en Besin to link up with the Americans.

10:50 Reserve Battalions begin to land. Seven beach exits cleared and in use.

14:00 All four assault brigades ashore

16:00 Le Hamel finally taken, 231st Brigade moves towards Arromanches.

20:30 56th and 151st Brigades reach the outskirts of Bayeux.

21:00 Arromanches liberated.

24:00 Large bridgehead established linking up with the Canadians

By midnight, 25,000 troops had been landed on Gold, with over 400 Casualties

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