Hermanville is one of the smaller British Cemeteries in Normandy and is the last resting place for 1,005 Allied soldiers who fell in the battle to take Sword beach and the surrounding area. The village of Hermanville was taken early on the morning of June 6th by men from the 1st Battalion of the South Lancashire Regiment and reinforced later in the day by the Shropshire Light Infantry and the tanks of the Staffordshire Yeomanry. The cemetery is not far from the village and its church and is hidden by a winding path that is flanked by small shrubs and roses. The path leads to the Cross of Sacrifice, which is common to all the British Normandy Cemeteries. The visitors hall resembles a small Normandy chapel, of which there are many in the area. 986 British Soldiers lie here together with 13 Canadian and 3 Frenchmen. 

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