Chouain - JÚruslam

The smallest cemetery in Normandy, with just forty eight graves, including one Czech who was fighting with the British. Most of the soldiers buried here died on June 8th 1944, during a fierce tank battle at Tilly sur Seulls to the south of Bayeux. At first they were buried near this site in a field called JÚruslam which is less than a mile away from the present cemetery.  A field hospital was also sited nearby and ten soldiers died from their wounds there and were buried in the next field.  After the war these soldiers were to have been interred at Bayeux, but the local people wanted them to remain in the area which they had died liberating.  The Mayor requested that the graves remained in the village and the land was given by the community. The name of the cemetery took the name of the village and the name of the original field where these soldiers had first been buried. The area has the feel of a first world war burial ground from Belgium, where there are so many small cemeteries. One of the notable burials here is that of Major Sir R.D. Arbutnot Bart who was with the 9th Queens Royal Lancers, Royal Armoured Corps and was only twenty four years old. The cemetery is south of Bayeux on the D6 and although next to a road remains a place of peace and tranquillity.

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