Juno Time Line

Beach Defences

07:56 Main infantry assault by Canadian 7th and 8th Brigades

08:11 DD tanks and "Funnies" land slightly late due to bad weather. Strong German opposition.

08:30 No 48 Royal Marine Commando lands at St Aubin. Little beach clearance due to rough seas and high tide.

Beach is very congested and raked by machine gun fire.

09:30 Canadian 8th Brigade takes Bernieres, strong opposition hold up advance.

10:40 Five beach exits cleared.

11:12 After heavy fighting Canadian 7th Brigade establishes beach exit at Courseulles. Arrival on beach of Canadian 9th Brigade causes further congestion

11:20 Taillerville, Banville and St. Croix are liberated.

14:00 Whole of the Canadian 3rd Division is ashore. Rapid advances inland.

18:00 Canadian 9th Brigade liberates Beny

20:00 Advance to Villons les Buissons, seven miles inland. Original target of Carpiquet airfield not taken.

By midnight, 21,400  troops had been landed on Juno, with 1,250 Casualties

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