Juno Beach

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The Atlantic Wall was not at its strongest along this beach. It was thought that the reefs out to sea would stop the Allies contemplating a landing here. The Atlantic Wall was not in effect a continuous wall but a series of defences at strategic points. At the majority of these points there were one or two casemates equipped with an anti tank gun firing through a slit giving a view of the beach. The strong points were also equipped with machine guns and flame throwers. Anti tank ditches were also employed, against the liberating forces. The beach was strewn with obstacles to prevent landings, many of which were mined. As on most of the beaches the assault was led by the DD Tanks many of which did not make the journey from launch to the beach because of the rough sea. In the centre of the British landing beaches, the attack was led by the Canadians, commanded by General Keller. Their battle plan was to push deep inland and capture the main road between Bayeux and Caen. Unfortunately on D-day the landing was postponed for 30 minutes because of the state of the sea. This meant that they landed further up the beach on a rising tide, this carried them on to the beach defences and many landing craft were lost on the approach to the beach. These stricken craft caused a blockage and slowed down the waves of landing craft behind them. Because so many DD Tanks had been lost in the approach, the Canadian infantry had a difficult time overcoming the defences but managed to liberate the villages of Bernieres and General Keller made his headquarters there. The giant Cross of Loraine at Graye sur Mer marks the spot where General de Gaulle came ashore on June 14th. There are many monuments along the beach dedicated to the various Canadian Regiments deployed here on D-day There is a Canadian cemetery at Beny where the troops killed in the Normandy Campaign are buried. It is one of three in Normandy.

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