La Haye du Puits

The 79th Division liberated the town on the 9th July 1944.

Around La Haye du Puits there was fought a very bloody battle for Montgardon, referred to as Hill 84.

The 79th Division fought for this area for five days at a cost of 1,500 GIs.

When you add the causalities who fell in the battle for Hill 122 Montre Castre which is just to the east of the town, the number rises to 5,000 killed or injured. and was the most costly weekend in the European conflict. They then continued though Normandy and into the Loire Valley and then on to Germany.

There is a fine monument in the town to all the liberators and civilians who lost their lives during the liberation.

The town was badly damaged and was rebuilt in the standard concrete, but has recently been given an attractive paint job, making it look more Dutch than French.

The parish church lost one of its spires during the fighting which has never been replaced.

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