Liberation 2014

Because of the vagaries of war in my area on the west of the Cherbourg Peninsula we have two days of celebrations almost a month apart. Firstly Barneville Carteret on June 18th and then Port bail a month later. The two towns are only 10kms apart.

Barneville Carteret

Not only the usual dignitaries were present, but also schoolchildren who placed flowers on the memorial to the cutting off of the by the American 9th Corps.


Port Bail

One of the best celebrations of the Liberation of Normandy. A week of festivities starting on July 14th. Concerts, a locally made documentary, a play about the liberation, son et lumiere which described the bombardment and liberation , and a street parade with locals in period costume, plus historic vehicles.

Hundreds of people dressed in blue tee shirts spelled out the word LIBERTY on the beach

Finally on Sunday more concerts, a dance in the square and a firework display

For an eye witness account of the occupation and liberation of Port Bail follow the link


Fierville Les Mines

On the 20th of July a parade of historic vehicles toured the Cotentin, here they are seen passing though my village.

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