Memorial Day 2005

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A grey day did not stop people attending the Memorial day services at both the American Cemeteries in Normandy and Brittany.
At 10:30 at Colleville, overlooking Omaha beach we had a fly past and the "Missing Man" routine performed by the American Air Force based in England.
Both American and French Troops were in attendance, the Americans being drawn from the 130th Engineer Brigade who are based in Hanau Germany. The 18th Signals Regiment represented the French and the Band was also a French Police Band. American Boy Scouts handed the wreaths to the many dignitaries who placed them in front of the monument.
Many of the graves were decorated with flowers by French people who are members of the Association Les Fleurs de la Mémoire of which we are members. My American visitors place flowers on the six graves we are responsible for in both St James and Colleville.
The Americans were represented by Mr Gary Clements who is Consul in Rennes. It is his last year of duty in France, he will be missed as he has done great work here, getting involved in many local events. He attended our Liberation day ceremonies in my local town of Barneville last year.
The American Military was represented by Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez. Other people who gave an address were the local French Mayor, Mr Claude Lavieille president of the Association Les Fleurs de la Mémoire, plus religious leaders.
One of the most moving sights is a Jewish gentleman who was detained in one of the death camps during the war. Each year he wears his prison uniform, and on his arm is tattooed his prison number.

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