The German Cemetery At Marigny

Here in the Normandy countryside are the remains of 11,169 German Soldiers. Most of them died during the fighting in and around St. Lo, and the later fighting near Mortain and Rennes.

This cemetery was only started during the late 1950;s and the remains of the dead were brought here from many temporary resting places in Lower Normandy.

On August 4th 1944 a soldier Karl Kreller was killed in the area around Rennes, he died from injuries to his back after being hit by a shell. He was buried as an unknown soldier in the cemetery at St. Gregorie, and moved St. James by the American War grave Service. On June 3rd 1957 his remains were moved here by the Volksbund.

His widow anxious to trace his last resting place supplied as much information as she could and his remains were identified on July 4th 1970.

Because of his limp, he needed special insoles for his shoes, and these were the vital clues in identifying him.

His last resting place is Block 4, row 45, grave 1754.

General Marks is also buried here.

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