Memorial and Statue of General Eisenhower

The statue can be found on the first roundabout as you enter the town of Bayeux from the new by-pass from the Caen direction.The statue is cast in bronze and is the work of the sculptor Robert Dean. The site was dedicated on June 5th 1994, during the 50th anniversary celebrations, by Susan Eisenhower the daughter of the late president. The same mould was used to cast an identical statue which stands outside the American Embassy in Grosvenor Square London. The cost of the statue was borne by the Battle Of Normandy Foundation, and the upkeep will be undertaken by the City of Bayeux.

In the small village of Tournieres to the south west of Bayeux there is a lesser known monument to General Eisenhower. It was near here that he established his first command post. This monument tells of his role in the liberation of Normandy and was erected on the 6th of June 1990. This was not only the 46th anniversary of the landings, but also the 100th anniversary of his birth. The village of Tournieres was the battle front on the 10th of June, when the 38th Combat Team from the 2nd Division faced the German 352nd Division commanded by General Kraiss. The General tried to form a defensive front here, but to no avail. After this battle the 352nd Division ceased to exist.

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