Chateau d’Englesqueville



The chateau was home to the 600 men of the 147th Engineer Combat Battalion during the days after D-day.

They had come ashore with the first troops on the morning of D-day, their task was to clear beach obstacle and help get men and supplies off the beach.

Like all the regiments coming ashore on Omaha beach they suffered many casualties.

On D-day +2 they made camp her in the chateau, the grounds were full of their tents and they stayed for several months, and they went on to fight at the Battle of the Bulge.

The monument to the Regiment is in the grounds and is cared for by the owner Monsieur Lebrec, who was educated after the war in America.

The monument was rededicated on June 6th 1994, the 50th anniversary.

The emblem of the engineers is a castle and on the base of the memorial the emblem is made from a ships propeller found on Omaha Beach.

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