Pont De La Roque

During Operation Cobra, the Americans after capturing Cherbourg, turned south capturing Coutances, Periers and finally

St Lo.

There were large numbers of German Troops in this mid west area of the Cotentin, and to entrap them, tremendous fire power was directed against the bridge here at La Roque.

If the Allies succeeded in cutting off the route south towards Granville, Avranches and Brittany, in theory the enemy, could take no further part in the fight and could be neutralised.

Over twenty bombing raids carried out over several days failed to cut the route south.

The problem for the Allies was that the bridge lay in a valley and it was difficult for conventional bombers to get a run at the target. Even dive bombers were used to no avail, one Canadian pilot lost his life trying to destroy the bridge.

Finally three British bombers managed to destroy arches of the bridge. There are two rivers here the Sienne and the Soulles which is a few meters to the north, this bridge was left intact and the fleeing Germans managed to ford the Sienne at low tide and retreat towards Granville.

The new bridge was constructed alongside the old bridge in 1950

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