D Day 2012

Because the actual anniversary fell in the middle of the week the commemorations started on Saturday. This years events included a new statue high above Utah Beach to Dick Winters who passed away earlier this year.

The first event we attended was at Angoville au Plain where five American Veterans were guests of honour.

Dick Winters

The new statue to Dick winters, to be dedicated 6th June

Ste Marie Du Mont (American Camp)

Medical  Camp


Neuville Au Plain

7 Veterans on parade including two 82nd Division nurses stationed at La Haye du Puits



One of the newer monuments to the 90th


Veterans from the 90th 101st and Rangers


Plus loads of Jeeps.

La Fiere

The jump was halted due to the strong winds after 6 parachutists were lightly injured. The planes firstly French, then American, and German. Only 200 of the 600 jumped.

Ste Mere Eglise


You may have noticed from several photo's that the reenactors start young out here


American Cemetery Colleville


Omaha Beach

Edouard Tierney and Jean Tierney, received their Legion Of Honour medals. They met and married whilst Ed was a C47 pilot and Jean was a nurse, both involved in the evacuation of wounded US servicemen.

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