Omaha Time Line

Nat. Guard Mon    View West    Engineer Monument            Omaha Beach from East to West

05:35 32 DD tanks launched, 27 sink in the rough seas

05:55 Naval barrage and bombing raids of defences ineffective, most bombs dropped too far inland.

06:35 First units of 16th and 11th Regimental Combat Teams try to wade ashore. Most are shot in the surf by the fire of the crack German 352nd Division who are on anti invasion exercise. Over 80% causalities in the first wave.

07:00 Chaos and slaughter, no funnies (British Tanks adapted to do certain tasks) to deal with beach defences. Most of the artillery lost before it reached the beach. Landing craft blown up and many are landing troops in the wrong part of the beach. Troops that have made it to the beach are pinned down behind beach defences, hampering the Engineers trying to clear the beach.

07:30 Second assault wave lands, adding confusion to the overcrowded beach.

09:15 After scaling the cliffs at Point du Hoc, Rangers find battery empty, but discover the guns further inland and destroy them. British Destroyers sail close to the shore and shell German positions.

10:00 Some order begins to emerge, small groups climb to higher ground and advance on Vierville and St. Laurent.

14:00 First beach exit taken and cleared.

16:00 First tanks and vehicles begin to move inland.

20:00 St. Laurent and Colleville taken

24:00 Tiny, precarious bridgehead established

Bloody Omaha, the most difficult and the worst. By midnight, 34,250 American Troops had landed, with over 1,000 killed and over 1,000 missing, injured or captured.

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