The town of Périers straddled an important crossroad, vital to the Americans during "Operation Cobra" the Normandy breakout.

After the fall of Cherbourg at the end of June the Americans turned their attention to the road south and the liberation of Europe.

The battle got of to a slow and difficult start, with the battles for La Haye du Puits and Montre Castre

(Hill 122) at the beginning of July.

The town suffered its first bombardment on June 8th and this continued until its liberation on July 27th.

The town was liberated by the 359th Regiment of the 90th Division, who found the town almost destroyed and completely deserted.

A local man Henri Levaufe who was a child during the occupation, has become the champion of the 90th Division in France and mainly due to his efforts a new monument to the 90th was erected in the town, opposite the church in recent years as a tribute to the Americans who died in the battles here.

The money required was raised both here in France and in America, with many members of the 90th contributing to this fine sculpture.

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