Seves Island

Bullet Holes Still Visible                             90th Monument       

This battle followed on from the battle of Montre Castre

For the 90th Division, the battle of Montre Caste and Hill 122 had been a terrible and costly time. The road south to Periers would be no easier for the Tough Hombres. Between them and Periers was the German 6th Parachute Regiment. Although they had not parachuted into Normandy they had had gained their wings earlier in the war and had already fought in France, Crete, Russia, North Africa and Italy. Many of the lower ranks were young and this was for many of them the first time they had seen combat. By July 22nd elements of this Regiment were facing the 90th across a strip of land at St. German sur Seves, which lay on top of a low island. This was surrounded by swamps and creeks, and on the dry higher ground small fields bounded by hedges. This strip of land was only two miles long by half a mile wide. In July 1944 this hostile environment was made worse because of the heavy rains of the previous weeks. The 90th Division was tired after the long haul over Hill 122 and rested, had they have gone straight on the German would not have had the chance to prepare defensive positions. The Americans had planned a night attack on the German positions, but this idea was shelved because so many new personnel had been brought in to replace those who had been killed or injured during the battle for Hill 122. On July 22nd at 06:30 the attack began after the artillery had pounded the German positions. The 1st and 2nd battalions of the 358th advanced towards St Germain sur Seves from the north. The Germans had destroyed the bridge across the small river and the attack was to create a bridgehead so that engineers could construct a bridge so that tanks could be brought into the battle. They penetrated almost 250 yards, but without covering fire they were terribly exposed and two officers and seven men were killed, plus ten officers and one hundred and eighty men were injured. The Germans believing that they were only facing an expeditionary force counter attacked with one company of just thirty two men. The weather had improved and American fighters ruled the skies inflicting causalities to the Germans. In the early evening the Germans attacked the weaker right flank of the Americans, pushing them back. Both sides dug foxholes for the night.

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