The American Cemetery At St James

St James is the smaller of the two cemeteries where the fallen of the Battle of Normandy are laid at rest. It covers 28 acres on the border of Brittany and Normandy and most of the and a cemetery was started here just after the area was liberated on August 2nd 1944. Many of those originally interred here were later taken back to America for family burials. Most died during the Breakout of Avranches, the Battle for St. Lo and the Germans last stand at Mortain, and during the liberation of Brittany. The memorial chapel is built from granite brought from Le Hingle in Brittany. The stained glass windows show all the major battles fought in the liberation of Normandy, Carentan, Cherbourg, St Lo, Mont St Michael, Mortain, Paris, Chartres, and Brest. There are also panels showing the "Breakout from the Beachhead and the Advance to the Seine" The curved walls of the terrace have inscribed on them the names of the servicemen who have no known grave, nearly 500 names. The cemetery contains the remains of 4,410 servicemen who lost their lives fighting in the area, including 95 headstones marking the graves of servicemen who could not be identified. This cemetery is also the resting place of twenty sets of brothers who rest side by side. The cemetery was completed in July of 1956.

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