Sword Time Line

British & French Commando Monuments

05:30 Naval bombardment begins, especially heavy to assist the capture of Caen

07:26 Landings Begin

07:30 31 DD tanks land and knock out numerous gun positions.

07:35 Infantry (8th Brigade) comes ashore

08:35 Three beach exits are cleared

09:30 Hermanville liberated. Heavy opposition halts advance. The fast incoming tide covers beach obstacles before they can be cleared. The beach becomes congested and reserve Brigades cannot land until early afternoon.

13:30 1st Special Service Brigade Commandos link up with 6th Airborne Division at Ranville.

16:00 9th Brigade moves inland. 185th Brigade stops 21st Panzer Divisions advance on Lion sur Mer.

20:00 Benouville liberated.

21:30 Massed gliders fly in and deters Panzers. 185th Brigade halts at Bieville, three miles short of Caen.

By midnight, 29,000 troops had been landed on Sword with 630 Casualties


Home Up Sword on D-day Eye Witness

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