American Temporary Cemeteries

During the battle for the liberation of Normandy, the Americans buried their dead in temporary cemeteries. The also buried the German dead as well. After the end of the war in 1947 the Americans gave the next of kin the choice, either to have their loved one's taken back to American for either a military or family funeral. The second choice was to have the fallen be buried in one of the two American National Cemeteries in Normandy. Around 40% of the fallen remain in Normandy. For many families the grieving process was over, or if the serviceman had been married, maybe his wife had re-married. Many also thought that the serviceman would have preferred to be with his comrades. Many of the American temporary cemeteries were then given over to the Germans. Most of the temporary cemeteries that were not given over to the Germans were returned to farm use and have a marker to remind us of the Battle of Normandy. At Ste Mere Eglise there were three temporary cemeteries than originally had 14,000 American Servicemen interred in them.

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