Utah Time Line

Beach Obstacles   Beach Sign           U.S. Monument     View North         

05.50 Naval barrage and final run in to the beach begins

05.55 Guiding craft damaged, force heads off course

06:30 After beach clearance, 8th Regiment Combat Team lands, one mile south of target on a lightly defended beach.

06:40 Almost all of the DD tanks touch down. The defenders already confused by airborne landings, provide light opposition, and are quickly dealt with. By high tide, most beach obstacles cleared.

08:00 Brigadier General Theodore Roosevelt orders in the follow up troops

10:00 6 Battalions landed, including second wave troops. 12th and 22nd Regimental Combat Teams. La Madeleine gun emplacement captured and beach exits secured.

Utah was almost a text book landing. By midnight 23,250 troops were ashore with under 200 Casualties

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