Utah Beach

The Utah beach museum is built on three German bunkers that formed part of the Resistance Nest, known as WN5.

The museum tells the story of the D-day landings, which took place just in front of the museum, and a good view and understanding of landings can be had with the help of models a dioramas. On show here is a  DUKW and a German Goliath. This is a miniature tank that formed part of the defence in this sector.

Also on display are beach obstacles, and a landing craft infantry.

In 2005 a German flame thrower was discovered on the beach and is now on display.

The museum has been extended and now houses a restored B26 of the type that bombed the beach so successfully on the morning of D-day, together with a restored Higgins boat and an alligator

 Their web site can be found at www.utah-beach.com

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